Essay on Extinction

Animal Extinction

Animal Extinction – the greatest threat to mankind In the final stages of dehydration the body shrinks, robbing youth from the young as the skin puckers, eyes recede into orbits, and the tongue swells and cracks. Brain cells shrivel and muscles seize. The kidneys shut down. Blood volume drops, triggering hypovolemic shock, with its attendant […]

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Psych – College

For example, maybe you would like to drink more water, floss after every meal, or spend ore time on a certain activity (e. G. , reading your textbook). For this assignment, you will choose one behavior and apply the principles of Operant Conditioning to affect how often you perform it. Step 1: Select the behavior. […]

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Due to excessive whaling, many species of whale are near extinction

Due to excessive whaling, many species of whale are near extinction. Australia is opposed to whaling, but it is a Japanese tradition to eat whale meat, and taking whale consumption away from their culture would devastate the whole nation and economy. But do we, as one species have the right to kill off another species? […]

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Sex, Drugs, Disasters, and the Extinction of Dinosaurs

The paper starts with the debate on the definition of Science. Stephen Jay Gould argues that science “is a fruitful mode of inquiry” and not a list of conclusions, and that the conclusions are the consequences, not the main idea. Gould is disappointed with the fact that people tend to mix theories from methods. He […]

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Animal Extinction Paper

Animal Extinction Preventing Extinction Not much is thought about extinction in today’s society. One might argue that it is a small problem, and completely irrelevant; but according to statistics of scientific research, extinction is an important issue nationwide. Extinction of a species over time is undisputable, and inevitable; however, the burden of mankind on animals […]

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The Role of Extinction in Evolution

In contrast to the opposite phenomenon, speciation. This is surprising in view of the special importance Darwin attached to extinction, and because the number of species extinctions in the history of life is almost the same as the number of originations; present-day biodiversity is the result of a trivial surplus of originations, cumulated over millions […]

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Tree Kangaroos

This essay is going to tell the reader about tree kangaroos, and give reasons to preserve this species. Tree kangaroos should be saved because they are a type of animal in our world and they should stay that way. In the vast planet we have learned to call home, every animal counts. The tree kangaroos’ […]

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