Essay on Exercise Physiology

Fitness Testing

There are many ways to test your V02 max. According to Serganian, P. (1993:72). “The best method for testing your V02 max is the twenty metre shuttle run. This is because you are using your aerobic energy system continually.” This has also been supported by Lager LA, Lambert J. Who said “It is concluded that […]

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How to Lift Weights the Right Way

How to Lift Weights the Right Way3 of 12 in Series: The Essentials of Weight TrainingYou should learn proper form to lift weights in a strength-training program. The way some people lift weights, you’d think they were in labor or impersonating a mountain gorilla. Grunting, screaming, and rocking back and forth are not indications of proper weight-lifting technique. […]

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Muscle fatigue in soccer

Chapter 2: Literature Reappraisal This literature reappraisal assesses the grounds for the oncoming of musculus weariness during a association football lucifer along with the single differences that may impact the strength of work rate in concurrence with the proficient jobs this might impact over the class of the game. There is grounds that a depletion […]

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Orienteering and Fitness Building

Orienteering is a competitive sport, which combines outdoor adventure with map reading and navigational skills. Participants find their way to several checkpoints with the aid of a map and compass. If set up as a competition, the winner is the one with the fastest time and the most controls found. Orienteering is characterised by its […]

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Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercises

Most people think that every exercise is the same, but there is a big difference in all exercises. Do you know the difference between aerobic and anaerobic exercises? What about the benefits they both give and which one benefits you most? Aerobic exercises also called cardiovascular exercises are any sustained, rhythmic activity that affects the […]

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Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular fitness is the practice of using and transfer of oxygen to the organs in your body. The daily exercising can help bring oxygen to the body making it more simple to release oxygen. So enhancing your exercising routines is useful. An important thing about cardiovascular fitness is the maximum volume of oxygen you body […]

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The ACSM and ACE

The ACSM education component offers NCCA accredited certification programs. The Health Fitness certifications are for those who wish to become certified personal trainers or health and fitness instructors. Further it also offers Clinical Certifications as either an exercise specialist or a registered clinical exercise physiologist.

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