Essay on Evaporation

What Affects the Rate of Evaporation in Different Liquids?

What Affects the Rate of Evaporation? Aim To find out if changes in temperature, draught and surface area of water open to air affects the rate of evaporation through the water. To safely check if these variables change the rate of evaporation To complete all the experiments in the short period given Prediction I believe […]

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Research on Ph Level of Water Affecting Rate of Evaporation

How does the ph level of water affect its rate of evaporation? Examples: Almost not all in any normal range of pH values because changing pH has little effect on the total solids dissolved in the water. However, at very high or very low pH levels, say 12 you will see an effect from the […]

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Fgdsaf – 1027 words – College

Aatreya Chakravarti Ms. May April 22th, 2013 Chemistry Honors Comparing Rates of Evaporation Pre-Lab Questions Chakravarti 1 2. What is evaporation? Describe what happens at the molecular level during evaporation. Evaporation is the process by which molecules undergo a change in state from a liquid to a gas. At a molecular level a molecule needs […]

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