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MSA 685 Project CRN 22034004 Ethanol Fuel, a Cure for Dependency By July 4, 2008 Project Monitor EXECUTIVE SUMMARY The purpose of this study is to determine if the United States can curb its dependency on foreign oil by making ethanol. This study will look at the maximum capable output of ethanol and what that […]

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A Separation and Purification Scheme

Abstract: Experiment 55 consists of devising a separation and purification scheme for a three component mixture. The overall objective is to isolate in pure form two of the three compounds. This was done using extraction, solubility, crystallization and vacuum filtration. The experiment was carried out two times, both of which were successful. Background Information: This […]

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The oxidisation of ethanol

Ethanol is a primary alcohol and can be oxidised to produce either an aldhyde or a carboxylic acid. The purpose of this experiment is to oxidise ethanol and then test the product to determine whether it has been oxidised to ethanol or oxidised to ethanoic acid. Safety As with all experiments, it is essential to […]

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Four Loko: Danger to Health

The purpose of the article, “Popular Beverages May Pose Problem for Young” is to educate students that are in high school and college. This Article goes over how drinking the alcoholic drink, Four Loko, is very bad for them and is dangerous when they drink an excessive amount of this drink.This article’s target audience would […]

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Dot Point Notes- Production of Materials

1. Fossil fuels provide both energy and raw materials such as ethylene, for the production of other substances construct word and balanced formulae equations of chemical reactions as they are encountered There are three important steps involved: 1. Show all reactants and all products in the word equation. 2. Write the correct formula for each […]

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