Essay on Encryption

Statistical techniques for cryptanalysis

Introduction: Cryptography is the art of writing messages in code or cipher, to disguise, and thereby secure the content of a particular stream of text. When encrypted, a plain text message can be revealed only through the use of the key used to encode the cipher. Cryptography does not mask the existence of the message, […]

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Tiny Encryption Algorithm Tea Computer Science

Today, security is an issue concern by everyone. Many ways of implementing encryption algorithms have been investigated in order to achieve better performance in terms of security level, speed, power consumption and cost. This project will discuss about implementing Tiny Encryption Algorithm (TEA) using Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA). FPGA are reconfigurable chips that the […]

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Zimmermann Telegram and Encryption

Doing some research about the “Zimmermann Telegram” (image shown below) and then answer the following questions: 1) Which technique was used in encrypting this telegram: substitution, transposition/permutation or stenography? 2) If you were an intelligence officer, what lessons you could learn from this “weak” encryption? (There is no need to decrypt the telegram yourself. It […]

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Database Security and Encryption: A Survey Study

This is an area of substantial interest In database because we know that, the use of database Is coming very important In today’s enterprise and databases contains Information that is major enterprise asset. This survey was conducted to identify the issues and threats in database security, requirements of database security, and how encryption Is used […]

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A crypto system [ 5,6,13 ] is an algorithm which include all possible field texts, cipher texts and keys. There are two general types of key based algorithms: symmetric and public key. 2.1 Symmetrical Encryption Schemes: Withsymmetric-key encoding, the encoding key can be calculated from the decoding key and frailty versa. With most symmetric algorithms, […]

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Symmetric Encryption

It is our understanding that your institution has completed a recent collaboration. While each establishment handles immensely sensitive information, it is to your best interest to utilize the most current cryptology that technology offers. In consideration of the nature of the respected material I suggest your Chief Information Officer fervently consider implementing Symmetric Encryption. Symmetric […]

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