Essay on Empiricism

Knowledge is power

Dear Newbie, I wanted to share some information that was shared with me when I was in your shoes, so here goes: They say knowledge is power and for some students learning comes easy. If you aren`t one of them don`t worry. Many argue that it`s because their parents read to them when they were […]

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Logical Positivism: Influences on Philosophical, Theological and Scientific Inquiry

Logical positivism was a movement that was officially established in the small Vienna Circle in the 1920s. The group of 11 mathematicians, scientists and philosophers met regularly to discuss and campaign for a change in philosophical discourse. Rather than the metaphysical and normative pretensions that epitomised philosophy throughout Europe, the group advocated for a systematic […]

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Locke, Berkeley and Hume’s empiricist approach to knowledge and the conclusions they reach

Empiricist philosophy arose out of doubts towards rationalism, in an attempt to search for a theory of knowledge that would be consistent with ordinary human behaviour. Instead of seeking absolutely certain knowledge about an alleged real world, empiricists have tried to discover where we get our information from and what degree of reliability it actually […]

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Descartes – Empiricism is unreliable because our senses may misinform us

Descartes’ starting point was simple: Empiricism is unreliable because our senses may misinform us. All beliefs or opinions based on sensory data may be mistaken. Instead of looking outward, we should look inward. However, even reason itself (if we allow for the possibility of a cosmic Deceiving Demon), may lead us astray. Thus the first […]

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Empiricism is the view that the ultimate source of knowledge is from experience, beliefs that conform to this are known as a posteriori. Empiricists believe that we are born without any innate knowledge (a priori knowledge) but instead learn everything we know from our senses. This is in opposition to Rationalism which is the view […]

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Downsizing in Nigerian Banks

Abstract Introduction Backgroung to the Study This study sought to establish the relationship between downsizing and Profitability in the Nigeria banking industry, found out the effects of downsizing on the output of the employees in the industry, and determined the result of well conducted downsizing on the performances these banks. Access bank, Union Bank, First […]

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