Essay on Emilio Aguinaldo

Oration piece – Life and works of Rizal

When I was immature and guiltless. I used to dream of great and fantastic things for the Philippines. I dreamed to see the Filipino flag raised in each and every family. and at the same clip singing our national anthem in a blasting voice and a smiling on their faces. When I’m old plenty to […]

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I Am a Filipino – College Essay

I am a Filipino, and I’m proud to be a Filipino. And what happens to our ancestors In the past. From the Malayan pioneers sought our land and live on their own. Make home on what they see on the nature, land, hills, mountain and seas, hoping to have a better life with their family […]

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Bonifacio and Katipunan

Bonifacio founded an organization that aimed to liberate the country from the tyranny of the Spaniards, and to secure the independence and freedom of the Philippines, by force of arms. ->1896- start of taking the field against the Spaniards. THE FOUNDING OF KATIPUNAN ->July 7, 1892- Rizal was arrested; that night, Andres Bonifacio, Valentin Diaz, […]

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Reaction Paper of Andres Bonifacio and Emilio Aguinaldo

Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio were friends. This is a fact glossed over in our history books like Historia:Pag-usbong, Pakikipag-tagpo at Pagbubuo by Prof. Raul Roland Sebastian and Dr. Amalia C. Rosales. Aguinaldo, a bachelor and the capitan municipal of Cavite El Viejo (now Kawit), was induced into the Katipunan, a secret revolutionary society founded […]

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