Essay on Emergency Management

Urban Child Protection

Urban child protection: A study on project area of Plan (Dhal) Introduction: Plan has been working In Bangladesh since 18 years. Globally it has 8 thematic areas. The areas are education, disaster risk management, child participation, child protection, economic security, sexual and reproductive health, water and sanitation. According to plan every child has equal rights […]

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What Is Required to Manage and Respond More Effectively to Disasters and Emergencies

The first part of the 21st century was punctuated by a series of natural disasters, most notably the Indian tsunami, the earth quakes in Gujarat, India and Kashmir, Pakistan, the September 11 2004 terrorist attacks on the United States and Hurricane Katarina, Cyclone Nargis in Burma, and the Sichuan earth earthquake in China (Coppola & […]

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Effects of Typhoon Sendong in Cagayan de Oro

I. Objective II. Introduction III. Causes IV. Family a. A First Hand Experience on Typhoon Sendong b. Effects and Costs c. Revenues or Sources of Funds d. Recovery V. Local a. Costs b. Revenues or Sources of Funds VI. National a. Costs b. Revenues or Sources of Funds VII. Phases of Recovery a. Disaster Response […]

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