Essay on Electric Charge

Short Notes-Atomic Structure

Short Notes On Atomic Structure * Atom is the smallest particle of an element- All 117 elements has atoms * Bohr model: – Planetary model (see Figure 1 below) 1. Sun (proton & neutron= nucleus) 2. Planets (electrons) 3. Orbit (shell) Figure 1: Bohr model * Each type of atoms has a certain number of […]

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Electronic electroscope

An electroscope is the instrument used to detect charged bodies. Here, an electronic version of the scope that is more sensitive as compared to its conventional counterpart and which helps indicate the polarity of charge has been described. This circuit consumes very low quiescent power and reliably indicates charge induction and detection. The polarity of […]

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Electrolysis of copper (II) sulphate solution

This investigation will examine one of the factors that affect the amount off copper deposited during the electrolysis of copper (II) sulphate solution. Electrolysis is the decomposition of an ionic solution by electricity. The electricity splits ionic chemical compounds into separate components, for example, copper chloride can be split into Cu metal and Cl gas. […]

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Plotting equipotential lines of electric

Objective:Plot the equipotential lines patterns of electric fields set up by electrodes of different shapes.Apparatus:Result:The experimental results were get by setting up the apparatus as shown below first. – A paper was placed under the conducting plate.- Three electrodes were dipped into the conducting plate- One of the electrodes and a flying probe were connected […]

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Electromagnetic Force

Electricity and magnetism are two different aspects of one force. This force is called the electromagnetic force. Electricity can be generated by rotating coils of wire in the vicinity of a magnet. When a force moves objects toward and away from each other it is called electricity. When it comes to magnets, Earth and other […]

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Photocopying Machine

Photocopying is a quick and cheap process of reproducing documents or materials. Mostly, photocopying process is with the use of dry heating called Xerography. Photocopying Machine The photocopy machine a worldwide used electronic machine which are useful both in school and offices. It can be used by a person to reproduce even much volume of […]

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