Essay on Documentary film

Documentary Film Analysis: Dark Days (2000)

The documentary film Dark Days, conceived and filmed by Marc Singer, is one of the modern classics of the genre. The film presents little known darker realities of the most prosperous city in the world New York. The usage of rudimentary cinematic devices and techniques is consistent with the central theme of the film. The […]

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Wal-Mart: the High Cost of Low Prices

Nicholas Rossetti Mrs. Mirro Humanities III 6 September 2010 In Robert Greenwald’s documentary film, Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices, A strong and apparent negative connotation is established by his presentation of facts and his emotional appeal. Throughout his documentary, Greenwald uses first hand accounts from people negatively effected by Wal-Mart to appeal to […]

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Ethnic Notions

The film Ethnic Notions is a great and interesting documentary film that directed by Marlon Riggs. The film describes the history of anti-Black stereotypes and portrays various culture characteristics of African-Americans. In addition, it demonstrates different ways that African-Americans were presented during the nineteenth century. They were depicted as ugly, rude and inferior on the […]

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Babies: a Documentary Film

Babies’ is a documentary film which chronicles the first year of life of four babies spanning the globe. Documentarian Thomas Balmes fans out to the grasslands of Namibia, the plains of Mongolia, the high rises of Tokyo and the busy streets of San Francisco in a study of culture, societal structure, geography and tradition, along […]

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Roger And Me

The movie “Roger and Me” by Michael Moore is a documentary film about Roger Smith’s takeover of General Motors in the late 1980’s. Michael Moore documents the change in the movie from the economy in the city of Flint, Michigan. He attempts to find Roger and meet with him and talk about General Motors and […]

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Dramatization and Objectivity in the Aesthetics of Documentary Films

Documentary films are said to be an attempt to capture the reality. Before its wide acceptance and production as of today, documentary films are simply regarded as personalized films, such as a travelogue.

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