Essay on Dissociation

In this experiment you will determine the molar heat of dissociation DHdis of the HO-OH bond in hydrogen peroxide

For this reaction the heat of dissociation is equal to the HO-OH bond energy. Since it is difficult to measure the heat of this reaction directly, you will use Hess’ Law to determine DHdis. Hess’ Law states that since the enthalpy is a function of state, it does not matter how the final state is […]

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The Theme of Alienation in Kamala Markandaya’s Fiction

Alienation, which means emotional isolation or dissociation, has been a very common theme among modern writers. This alienation is a major offshoot of the industrial revolution. Today, it has taken deep roots in everyday life, in science, in philosophy, in psychology, sociology and literature- covering a large panorama of almost every aspect of man’s activity. […]

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