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What Was the American Diet Like 50 Years Ago

at was the I. What was the American diet like 50 years ago? a) Over the past 50 years, American diets have changed from leisurely family meals that were usually prepared at home using natural ingredients to today’s prepackaged, processed and convenience foods that are often eaten on the run with little thought towards nutrition […]

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On Differences Between Chinese and Western Dietary Cultures

Diet is absolutely necessary in the life of mankind, and even in the existence or development. Because of the differences between Chinese and western cultural traditions, the Chinese and western dietary cultures are different In concept, target, pattern, attribution and nature. We study these differences and then find out the points that can be digested, […]

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Escape from the Western Diet – College

These factors Include scientists with their theories of nutritionist, the DOD industry supporting the theories by making products, and the health industry making medication to support those same theories. Overall, Pollen feels that in order to escape this diet, people need to get the idea of it out of their heads. In turn he provides […]

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Low Fat Diet vs. Low Carb Diet

Low Fat Diet vs. Low Carb Diet Low Fat Diet Fat is the number one enemy of a lot of people, particularly the medical people and people going into diet and are health conscious. It gets a lot of the attention for many good reasons. Cholesterol levels in the blood could increase because of it […]

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3-day Diet Anaylsis

Unfortunately, my eating habits have been horrible for the last six months and it has been affecting my health, stamina, metabolism and energy. Although Vive had a gastric bypass done six years ago, after about four years of maintaining all that weight off and maintaining a solid physical regimen, I tore my meniscus and had […]

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Compare and Contrast Paper Diet Pills Versus Diet and Exercise

Diet pills versus diet and exercise Dieting among people today has become a worldwide phenomenon. With more than one billion Americans experiencing obesity, there is a high demand for people looking for a way to lose weight. Many people are looking for a fast, and easy way to lose weight. To achieve the weight loss […]

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Does Eating a High Protein Diet Harm You

Protein is required by the body for the growth, maintenance and repair of all cells. Protein is a major component of all muscles, tissues and organs and is vital for practically every process that occurs within the body such as metabolism, digestion and the transportation of nutrients and oxygen in the blood. Having a high […]

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Pros and Cons of a Vegitarian Diet

A no carbohydrate diet can affect calcium levels and cause vitamin deficiencies. Everything put in our bodies has an effect on us. Eating unhealthy foods all the time causes obesity and raises blood pressure. A vegetarian lifestyle can eventually lead to malnutrition and health problems. As people become more aware of their health choices in […]

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Danger of Diet Pills Research

Diet pills have become a very popular supplement to assist people in weight loss. However, diet pills raise many concerns: are they safe, do they really work, and are the results permanent? In “Health Controversy Surrounds Diet Pills,” Robyn Melamed effectively employs logos through factual information, establishes ethos by citing trustworthy sources, and initiates pathos […]

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Case Study — Coke Zero: Do Real Men Drink Diet Coke

1). Diet coke is targeting a more health-conscious consumer. Due to the color and name diet it mainly portraits to women since they are the biggest gender caring about dieting in today’s society. The main target for diet coke would be demographic segmentation. Coke Zero is targeted more at men trying to stay away from […]

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Escape from the Western Diet

Summary of “Escape from the Western Diet” by Michael Pollan In an excerpt “Western Diet” from Michael Pollan’s, reminds us of the many different nutritional theories behind the large number of diseases that afflict those who eat the “Western Diet” However, Pollan disagrees with these theories and states that both the food and health industries […]

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