Essay on Dictatorship

On dictatorship

Having been commissioned by Mr Alderson to make some sort of attempt to give the magazine a somewhat left wing feel, I’ve decided to write about a topic to which the majority of readers know something about and can thus relate to it. But then I decided against it…Living in 21st century Western Europe, in […]

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Can historical parallels be drawn between democracies and dictatorships?

History is more than a string of events and a relationship between them. We are involved with a subject which deals with some eternal truths and generalizations. We are really involved with the same basic phenomenon which repeats themselves in different contexts and at different periods of time. The range of historical events ranges from […]

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Democratic Dirty Hands

In democracy, many games are played. Some may be fair, with others being not so in kind, all in search of the vote. Those that we with our vote put into office often or at times reciprocate the liberation from dictatorship that democracy gives the people for a new kind of an almost lewd perpetration […]

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