Essay on Dialect

Vernacular Dialect in Their Eyes Were Watching God

Vernacular Dialect in Their Eyes Were Watching God In the novel Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zorn Neal Hurst, the spoken words of the characters are often simple and rough. Hurst uses vernacular dialect in order to preserve the culture of southern blacks in the early twentieth century. The author’s use of dialect in […]

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How to Read Literature Like a Professor Dialect Journal

Reading Notes |Analysis | | |CH 1 – “The quest consists of five things: (a)a quester, (b) a place |In this passage, the author is stating that all “quest” stories have | |to go, (c) stated reason to go there, (d) challenges and trials en |the same basic outline. These five parts to a quest […]

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Historical Background and Application

The term “Received Pronunciation” (RP) has in the course of this century come to designate-at least among linguists and EFL teachers-the British English style of pronunciation that carries the highest overt prestige. It’s generally agreed that it has long lost all associations with its regional origin (London and the south–east of England) and is now […]

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My Idiolect Analysis

Be able to identify my own use of language in a variety of situations with different people. My idiolect is English, Mirpuri and Urdu. I speak English the most when I am in public, because the community around me also speak English as it is their mother tongue. I have been taught this well-known language […]

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