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Usability Prototype Redesign

USABILITY TEST REPORT BASTE PASTA WEBSITE ANN. CHIDERS GEORGE (5747340) MENACE: USABILITY EXECUTIVE SUMMARY A business report was prepared on December 2014 to address some usability issues experienced the website of Baste Pasta restaurant, http://Piscataway. Com/ , for improved customers’ experience. For this report, 3 of the 10 Heuristic principles proposed by Jacob Nielsen were […]

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How a designer should best approach a client or company

My aims for this module are to research into how a designer should best approach a client or company with regards to designing and making a product for them. Throughout my research I will consider a number of crucial factors associated with visiting a client or company to design an item of furniture for them. […]

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Premier Furniture

Summary There are several external and internal factors that contributed to the changes in overall financial health for Wolcott Department Stores and Designers, Inc, two credit risks to Premier Furniture. Both companies’ credit situations suffered from a downward turn in the market and a national rise in interest rates. To combat this, they were forced […]

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Pressures to Be Thin

Models represent what clothes should look like on women. With the occupation relying purely on looks, models are under a lot of pressure from agents and designers to have the perfect body image. In western society, this image means that they all have to be thin. It affects not only the models, but also the […]

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Poor Little Rich Brands

Poor little rich brands 1. Main ideas: -island for rich people which buy brands because this is what their local local stores sale only designer shops -new idea: big groups (LIVE=Louis Button&Meet Hennessey) buy license from small rich groups to sell their products -big companies have the power and money to market products – little […]

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Is the activity of an intelligent designer the best explanation

I believe that the activity of an intelligent designer is the best explanation of our universe as a whole, as the inherently teleological features that exist within our universe cannot be explained purely by chance. As Aquinas said, all things “achieve their end, not fortuitously, but designedly…therefore, some intelligent being exists by whom all natural […]

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Dance and Fashion

There’s an exciting fashion trend happening – dance. The dance and fashion industries seem to be increasingly joining forces, with dance companies commissioning high profile designers and fashion labels turning to dancers to optimally show off their clothes. The collision of the worlds of fashion and dance creates alchemy beyond the reach of either one […]

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Pros and Cons of Designer Babies

A designer baby is a term used often by journalists where parents potentially might have options of using genetic technology to modify embryos and choose desirable or cosmetic changes. These leads to several questions. How will the parents prefer to have babies in future? Will they prefer to interfere with the natural process of embryo […]

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