Essay on Deregulation

Impact of Fuel Price Deregulation in India

Most of the essential commodities such as pulses, vegetables and other cereal items are likely to become expensive due to increase in the transportation cost. Also the price of cooking gas has also gone up by 35 Rs. per 14. 5 kg cylinder. All this is likely to inflict pain to a common man who […]

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Customer Retention in Telecom Industry

The landscape of the telecommunication industry in Sri Lanka has been changed drastically since the deregulation of telecommunication sector in early 1990s. Number of service providers has been increased from one, i. e state monopoly, to more than 70 within a short period of time. With the increased competition telecom service providers find it difficult […]

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Deregulation and a Easyjet case study

In economics terms, deregulation is where the government removes official barriers to competition (John Sloman). One of the first industries concerned by regulation have been the transport and telecommunications sectors. It consists in a shift to a competitive economic climate by reorienting and/or suppressing regulatory mechanisms (hofstra). However, deregulation does not necessarily refer to complete […]

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The Effect of Deregulation Policies

1. 1 Background of the survey Organization. corporations or constitution. merely like the authoritiess are governed by regulations and ordinances. in the same manner every economic system set out ends. which it achieves. through assorted agencies. Vibratory and financial policies are the stimulation to any state economic development. particularly with respects to Nigeria. However. in […]

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