Essay on Delegate

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The understanding of global talent management can be enhanced by a well understanding of the Agency Theory. According to the theory a duty is delegated by one party to another. The delegating body is the agent while the body to who the duty is delegated is the agent which is responsible to act on the […]

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The command and control of armies the 1792 -1945 period

The command and control of armies developed throughout the 1792 -1945 period. In the Napoleonic era, Napoleon seldom delegated command to his subordinate officers, developing the logistics of battle himself. Granted, he did begin to develop a General Staff but mainly for reconnaissance purposes and to ensure his orders were communicated to other generals. However, […]

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Trustee v Delegate Model of Representation

When in a political position, one is most generally tasked with difficult decisions that require a long, hard look at what really matters. There are two ways a person of this position can view a problem in order to make an informed decision. The trustee view model of representation allows the political position holder to […]

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