Essay on Damages

Health Issues in Africa Essay Example

South Africa’s has what medical authorities regard as to one of the healthiest climates, in the world, a tradition of playing sports and enjoying an active, outdoor lifestyle, access to plenty of fresh fruit, and vegetables, and some of the planet’s cleanest air, it’s people isn’t as healthy as might be imagined. South Africa major […]

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William Bradford – of Plymouth Plantation

On November 11, 1620 the pilgrims, aboard the Mayflower ship, dropped anchor at Cape Cod. They wanted to explore the new land with a shallop they brought with them from England, but it suffered damages during the voyage and needed mending. In this situation, while the shallop was being repaired, 16 well armed men, leaded […]

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A study on the Problems with Damages in Product Liability Cases

The most obvious problem for both the plaintiff and the defendant in a case involving product liability is the potential to invoke three different modes of civil liability.  Liability can follow from negligence in the law of tort, or from privity under contractual obligations or under warranty or strict liability which generally follows from statutory […]

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