Essay on Cultural revolution

Chinese Cultural Revolution was Mao Zedong

The only person to have gained what he wanted from the Chinese Cultural Revolution was Mao Zedong. His goal was to reassert authority in China, and the youth was his way in. Mao used the rebelliousness of adolescents as the vanguard of his revolution. They were the Red Guards the die-hard Maoist that murdered and […]

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The Agricultural Revolution

The Neolithic Revolution is the term for the first agricultural revolution. This revolution in particular is characterized by the transition from hunting and gathering to that of agriculture. Twelve thousand years ago history had changed itself. Ninety percent of the human race gave up hunting game and gathering fruits, vegetables, and grasses to practice agriculture, […]

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Mao and the Cultural Revolution

China in the Cultural Revolution The historically unprecedented great peoples proletarian cultural revolution was a struggle for supremacy within the Chinese communist party which manifested into a wide scale social and political upheaval which brought china in 1966 to the brink of all out civil war. Although millions of people were murdered and tortured during […]

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Single Child Policy In China Sociology

In 1978-1979 the Chinese authorities installed an ambitious plan of market reform following the economic stagnancy of Cultural Revolution. In mid 70-80 China was place of one-fourth of the universe ‘s population who were holding merely 7 % of universe land. More than two 3rd of the population were under the age of 30 old […]

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