Essay on Cruises

Emirates Airline

The airline was formed by the Dubai Government under a management agreement with Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) Using a PIA leased 737 and A300. On 25th October 1985, Emirates flew its first routes out of Dubai. In 1987 flights were started to London, Frankfurt and Istanbul. In 1992 Emirates Airlines expanded its services to Djakarta, […]

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A Cruise Ship Terminal Tourism

From figure 2 the undermentioned decision can be drawn from the information gathered and analyzed. The gender of respondents interviewed make a large difference ; from these respondents 59 % where females and 41 % males, which implicates that there were 59 females and 41 males involved in this research. This lucifer the mark group […]

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Cruise Syllabus

PINES CITY COLLEGES COLLEGE OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT COURSE SYLLABUS IN TM 412 1st SEMESTER SY 2011-2012 PCC PHILOSOPHY Pines City Colleges believes that education makes a man and that a holistic education brings about the most desirable changes in an individual’s personal and professional life. Vision of CTHRM CTHRM envisions to be one […]

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An Adventure I Shall Never Forget

Malia and I were very excited about the trip. We had planned it for more than one and a year and a half. The radio was playing in the background. I heard something about a new rumor about cruises disappearing in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It was like the Bermuda triangle. A new […]

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Travelling by Sea

If you have never taken a cruise before, here are tips that will make your trip more enjoyable, less frantic and organized. Lately, there are more requirements that cruise lines require like completing immigration information before the cruise. It is important that you have two ID forms. You must either have a travel passport or […]

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