Essay on Cost of capital

Nike Inc: Cost of Capital

Nike was founded in 1964 and was formerly known as Blue Ribbon Sports. Track star Bill Bowerman and his coach Philip Knight created Blue Ribbon Sports which later became Nike in 1978. The name Nike comes from the Greek Goddess of victory. In 1966 the first retail store was opened in Santa Monica, Ca. By […]

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Midland Energy Resources, Cost of Capital

Midland Energy Resources, Cost of Capital The case is about how Janet Mortensen, senior vice president of project finance for Midland Energy Resources, prepare her annual cost of capital estimates for midland and each of its three divisions for her company. Midland was a global energy company with operations in oil and gas exploration and […]

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Cost of Capital at Ameritrade

Chairman and CEO of Ameritrade Holding Corporation, wanted to improve his company’s competitive position in deep-discount brokerage1 by taking advantage of emerging economies of scale. The success of the strategy required Ameritrade grow its customer base. The growth would require substantial investments in technology to improve service and capacity, and in advertising, to increase customer […]

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Marriott Corporation Cost of Capital

Executive Summary The case, Marriott Corporation: The Cost of Capital (Abridged), concentrates on making decisions based on capital asset pricing model (CAPM) and the weighted average cost of capital (WACC) to measure the opportunity cost for investments. Dan Cohrs, the Vice President of Finance of Marriott Corporation, had to deal with making recommendations for the hurdle […]

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Telus: the Cost of Capital

Telus: The Cost of Capital Telus needs to calculate the cost of capital from the variety of data given. The cost of capital is determined mostly by how the funds are used rather than where they were obtained from. It relies on the risk of investments Telus involves in, therefore, depending on cost of both […]

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1. What is the WACC and why is it of import to gauge a firm’s cost of capital? Do you hold with Joanna Cohen’s WACC computation? Why or why non? Answer:The cost of capital refers to the maximal rate of return a house must gain on its investing so that the market value of company’s […]

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Star Appliance Company

The methods that could be used to find the cost of capital of Star Appliance Company would be to cipher the cost of equity of the company and so utilizing that in happening another price reduction ( hurdle ) rate. Bing that the presently used price reduction rate of 10 per centum has been used […]

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Ameritrade – Cost of Capital

Group Case 1: Ameritrade – Cost of Capital Executive Summary: As a deep-discount brokerage, Ameritrade planned to improve its competitive position by price cutting, technology enhancements, and increased advertising in mid-1997. Before initiating the plan, Ameritrade needed know whether the investment returned more than it cost. We were hired to estimate the cost of capital […]

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Globalizing the Cost of Capital and Capital Budgeting at Aes

1. How would you evaluate the capital budgeting method used historically by AES? 2. If you implemented the methodology suggested by Venerus, what would be the range of discount rates one would use around the world? 3. Does this make sense as a way to do capital budgeting? 4. How big a value difference does […]

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Globalizing the Cost of Capital and Capital Budgeting

Globalizing the Cost of Capital and Capital Budgeting at AES (HBS Case# 204109-PDF-ENG) Obtain the Globalizing the Cost of Capital and Capital Budgeting at AES from Harvard Business Publishing. After individually reading the case, you are expected to have online group discussion sessions with your team members and to submit a group case analysis write-up […]

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