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Sir Robert Peel Analysis

He created the first modern police force, the Metropolitan Police in London. According to Peel, the real key for policing is “the police are the people and the people are the police (Wikipedia 2010). ” It was his belief that prevention of crime could be accomplished without intruding into the lives of citizens. He set […]

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The Unwritten Code

The Unwritten Code The Police “Code of Silence” is an unspoken rule among many police agencies in the country. It is a code of “honor” in the police brotherhood where giving information about another police officers wrongdoings is considered an act of betrayal. Other terms for the code include: “The Thin Blue Line,” and “The […]

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Police Brutality Analysis

Throughout history, efforts to police society have been flawed by brutality in one way or another. Police Brutality exists in many countries and is only one of several forms of police misconduct. Abuse by law enforcement officers in the United States is one of the most serious human rights violations in the country. Police officers […]

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“Murmuring Judges” by David Hare

“Murmuring Judges” is a story of a young family man “Gerard McKinnon” who has turned to crime to survive, but has been caught and convicted. The Play revolves around the roles the police, judicial system and prisons play in his life at this time as well as showing us some of the inner working of […]

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Police Discretion Analysis

Police discretion can be defined as actions undertaken by law enforcers in which they exercise their individual judgment in order to determine the best course of action (Gaines & Kappeler, 2003). Before deciding whether a certain action should be pursued against a suspect, the police take into account many factors, at least in theory. As […]

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Three Styles of Policing – Public Speaking Midterm

Project 1, Memorandum Kirsten Atwood CRJ 160 Evan Wright City of Monterey Inner-office Memorandum Date:February 29, 2012 To:E. J. Wright, City Manager From:Kirsten Atwood, Chief of Police Subject:Management of the Monterey Police Department With my new achievement of Chief of police within the Monterey Police Department, it is my goal to provide this city with […]

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Security Operations

Since the September 11 attacks against the United States, security has been a matter of grave importance not just in the country, but in the whole world as well. Airports and other terminals imposed strict compliance to security measures such as baggage searches to ensure security. As a response to the growing cases of security […]

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Organisational Structure of Cbi

CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION TO C. B. I INTRODUCTION Corruption in public life is an age old problem. It is not peculiar to India but has existed in some form or the other even in economically advanced and progressive countries. The extent varies to the degree of public awareness and the national character of the people. Any […]

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Racial Profiling Analysis

Racial profiling may be defined as a detection of several determined racial factors that lead to unequal treatment in regards to certain groups of society. The mentioned racial factors can include such as the following: gender, skin color, accent, facial structure, physical attire, spoken language, religion, etc. A person can racially profile in various ways, […]

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