Essay on Computer File

Computer Systems Concepts

Access to files and the resources for those files. 2. What are the four (4) factors that determine the efficiency of the File Manager? – Creating, Deleting, modifying, and controlling access to files. 3. What Is the File Manager “in charge of”? – It keeps track of directories that contain file names, physical location in […]

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Internet Download Manager

You can also schedule the time to start the queue as well as the time to stop queue processing. DIM processes download queue and deletes files from download queue when their download is complete. You should select “One-time downloading” radio button to assign a download queue. When DIM Is processing a synchronization queue, DIM checks […]

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Solaris Forensic Analysis Tools: AIDE

One of the most complex problems in forensic analysis seems to be simple: what, exactly, has changed?  Minor changes such as file access timestamps or a slight change in file permissions or content can be the only indication of an intrusion or malicious attack. In the event of a successful intrusion, knowing what has been […]

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