Essay on Commander

Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

I have just finished reading the book Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. The book follows the life of a young boy who is believed to be the next great commander, the only one who can save the human species from an Alien race simply known as the “Buggers”. The book covers many issues ranging […]

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Antigone Theme

Antigone| Quote| Comments| Analysis| 1. “And now what is the proclamation that they tell of made lately by the commander, publicly,/to all people? Do you know it? Have you heard it? /Don’t you notice when evils due to enemies/are headed towards those we love? “Line 8-12| Antigone speak to Ismene about their brother Polyneices, that […]

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Battle of Cambrai

The Battle of Cambrai took place in the early morning of November 20th, 1917. While the Battle of Passchendaele was being fought, British Commander-in-Chief Sir Douglas Haig approved a plan that involved overtaking the German army by sweeping around the town of Cambrai and encircling them. To this day, Haig is one of the most […]

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Agricola and Germania

The Agricola and Germani is a novel that serves two purposes: The Agricola is a eulogy praising Tacitus’s father-in-law, and commander of Britian, Agricola. The Germania is an ethnography on German people. Both stories are told through the eyes of Tacitus as he indirectly criticizes Roman politics and society. His reason for snaking in these […]

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