College Admission Essay Examples

Distributive justice

Distributive justice involves allocation of resources in a just way. In the context of distributive justice every individual is entitled to equal access of basic health care, food, income education and employment opportunity. Distributive justice seeks to address the issue of inequitable distribution of wealth or resources. Distributive justice involves fair allocation of resources among […]

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Lan-Based Computer-Aided Examination

Modern technology has changed people’s lifestyle and the way of living. A person could know what is happening on the other side of the world, chat with others about different matters because of the internet. Computer has been an integral part in all aspects of the society. Computers serve as efficient data storage systems and […]

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SAT scores, Grade point averages, and other educational factors

For many years people have been trying to figure out if you can possibly predict how you may perform in the future based on how one might have performed in the past. This is the perfect study for students who would like to know the age old question. “If I do good in Highschool, will […]

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The Sat Exam

This is a claim of policy because it conveys a sense of obligation and necessity. The claim urges that the college admissions are relying heavily on this exam to evaluate students who the colleges feel would be “fit” to attend their college and that the SAT should not be factor on how students successfulness is […]

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