Essay on Cocaine

Effects of Cocaine On the Child

The author starts the journal with a brief outlook on the development of research on the effects of drug use during pregnancy. She explains how to begin with it was very difficult to study this topic but as time has gone by the researchers have been able to progress in both animal and human studies. […]

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Social Learning Theory and Cocaine Addiction

Besides the United State’s current war on terrorism, the country has been fighting a long war at home and abroad. The war on drugs has raged for decades and includes many casualties on both sides, as well as many resources spent to wipe out drugs in America. Unlike the war on terrorism, the debate surrounding […]

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Andean Cocaine

There were two men who made drugs Alfredo Bignon and Eduardo Balarezo. Coca is a dried leaf of the “subtropical Andean shrub Elthycoxylon. ” The traffic of cocaine is over whelming controlled by home grown, successful and eminently “Latin” entrepreurs and middle men. Pharmacist Alfredo Bignon had a laboratory of his Droguera Botica Francesa around […]

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Héctor Lavoe: El Cantante de los Cantantes

Hector Lavoe revolutionized the Latin salsa boom of the 1970s. He was a man born to sing and his passion for music led him on a remarkable journey of attaining endless dreams. Born Hector Juan Perez Martinez on September 30, 1946 in Ponce, Puerto Rico, he lived a life full of achievements, setbacks, and tragedy […]

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