Essay on Coal

The Split Personality of Hydraulic Fracturing

There is broad understanding among most experts and the populace that the current energy beginnings we use in the United States are in demand of a replacing. Reliance on the fossil fuels of coal and oil are debatable for at least two grounds: their negative impact on the environment ( both in extraction and their […]

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Clean Coal Technology

Clean coal technology is a term used to describe technologies being developed that aim to reduce the environmental impact of coal energy generation. It implies that it is possible to make coal a fuel source that is free of (or very low in) carbon dioxide emissions and other pollutant emissions. Some of the techniques that […]

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Coalgate Scam

Colgate Scam is the recent coal scandal that happened in the country due to poor allocation of coal blocks. This scam is also called the “Mother of all scams’. CAG report shows that private companies had gain around Rs 1. 86 lakh crore from coal blocks that were allocated to them on nomination basis instead […]

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In-Plant Testing of CrossFlow Separator in Coal Industry

The mineral processing industry has commonly utilized hydraulic separators throughout history for classification and gravity concentration of various minerals. More commonly referred to as hindered-bed or fluidized-bed separators, these units make use of differential particle settling rates to segregate particles according to shape, size, and/or density. Conventional hindered-bed separators are inherently inefficient due to wide […]

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How Easier For Humans To Create

How does new technology make it easier for humans to create a lifestyle that sustains the environment? 3,000 years ago, human beings discovered coal and began to burn it in order to get heat and energy, which contributed to people’s lives a lot. However, it brought kinds of problems to the environment. During the process […]

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