Essay on Close-Up

“Stand By Me” by Rob Reiner

“Stand By Me” is an extraordinary film directed by Rob Reiner, based on one of Stephen King’s novels called “The Body. ” It is about four boys going on an adventure to find the dead body of a boy their age. The film focuses on two of the main characters, how the experience of the […]

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Slumdog Millionaire Fate

“Your destiny is in your hands brother” To what extent do the characters in ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ have control over their own fate? Throughout the course of the film, each character displays differing amounts of control over their lives. Latika has limited influence over her destiny unlike Salim who has the most. Jamal however, experiences a […]

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The Others and Turn of the screw

The two films “The Others” written and directed by Alejandro Amenabar and the “Turn of the screw” directed by Tom Mc Loughlin based on the novel by Henry James, are both psychological horror films that consist of a haunting plot and make you think as they are full of suspense and have a moody and […]

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Jaws – Analysis

Analyse the ways that the director builds suspense and tension in the film. Comment on the techniques that the Director uses to scare the audience in the film.The film we have been studying is called ‘Jaws’ it was directed by Stephen Spielburg. The movie is set in a town called ‘Amity’; it is famous for […]

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Analysing a scene from ‘Trainspotting’ focusing on aspects of sound, editing and camerawork

The film I have chosen to take my scene from is called “Trainspotting. ” This film is set in Edinburgh follows one Mark Renton, an aimless Scottish youth who, with his friends, Spud and Sick Boy choose not to “choose life,” opting instead for the empty but pleasurable life of heroin addiction. The film follows […]

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