Essay on Christina Rossetti

“Remember” by Christina Rossetti

The sonnet “Remember” by Christina Rossetti was written in 1849 when Rossetti was just 19 years old, in this sonnet the themes of love, loss, and reaction to death are portrayed. Christina Rossetti was born in London in 1830 and died in 1894 a well-known poet. The sonnet, “Remember”, is written to a lover and […]

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Compare and contrast ‘A red, red, rose’ by Robert Burns and ‘Cousin Kate’ by Christina Rossetti

Both of these poems deal with the subject of love, but their views are almost opposing. Burns whose poem was first published in 1794 writes about an idealised love, while Rossetti who wrote her poem on 18 November 1859, writes with a cynical view of romance. Burns was a famous poet in his day, he […]

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Christina Rossetti and Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Love comes in many different forms. When the word love is mentioned, people think of different things. They might think of love as what they have for their partner or their favourite cuddly toy. Both Christina Rossetti and Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote poems about 4 different attitudes towards love. Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote the poems […]

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“No, Thank You, John” by Christina Rossetti

The poem ‘”No, Thank You, John”‘ by Christina Rossetti, is about a conflicting love relationship. Throughout this poem she uses catharsis, consonance and a rhythm and rhyming device, to convey her theme. The poem expresses her true feelings towards a friend who wishes to have a deeper relationship with her although she does not have […]

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Comparing and contrasting Christina Rossetti’s ‘Cousin Kate’ and Eileen McCauley’s ‘The Seduction’

I have compared poems ‘Cousin Kate’ by Christina Rossetti and ‘The Seduction’ by Eileen McCauley. Both poems describe different situations in which a young girl is seduced by a man and becomes pregnant. Both poems are equally angry and describe a loss of innocence and a sense of betrayal by both men and society.’Cousin Kate’ […]

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Promises Like Pie-crusts by Christina Rossetti and The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Promises Like Pie-crusts by Christina RossettiI think that some of the main themes of the poem are about how risky love can be, and it is better to be friends that to be lovers. For this person love is a risk which they dare not take, there are so many underlying unchangeable factors which count […]

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Cousin Kate By Christina Rossetti And The Seduction

“Cousin Kate” is about a humble cottage maiden who was lured and seduced into having sex with the lord of the manor; “He lured me to his palace home woes me for joy. ” He used her for sex, and treated her like she was something he owned, “His plaything and his love. He wore […]

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Remember, by Christina Rossetti, and On the Life of Man by Sir Walter Raleigh

The subject of life and death is a significant topic is the poem ‘Remember’, by Christina Rossetti, and ‘On the Life of Man’ by Sir Walter Raleigh. Both poets explore certain aspects of life and express their controversial views, at the time, on these aspects. Rossetti was born in 1830 and was a key figure […]

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How does rossetti tell the story in the convent threshold

The convent threshold is a story about a female who is talking to her lover, asking him to repent along with her but also about her struggle to repent herself. This gives us the indication that they have both sinned, so maybe had some kind of sexual relationship with each other. The title of the […]

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