Child Labour

Analysis of the Relationship Between Globalization and Child Labour

Introduction Recently, there has been growing interest in globalization and its influence towards child labour. Child labour has increased in the last decades due to globalization (Gunter & van der Hoeven, 2004) and more and more interest arises for the impact that globalization has on it. A lot of studies and researchers have investigated the […]

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Child Labor is Awful Problem in the World

How are children exploited today? Recent global estimates show that there are approximately 168 million children from ages 5 to 17 in child labor according to the International Labour Organization(ILO) and World Bank. There are millions of children globally that are trapped in child labour with little hope for a way out. Because of child […]

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Child Labour Should Be Stopped

Have you ever worn a pair of Nike running shoes? Have you ever had to think about where they come from? Or who makes them? You may be shocked to hear that most Nikes are made in Vietnam and may include child labour. Do you remember primary school? Having bake sales and dreaming of having […]

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Unethical Standards in Child Labour

In order to understand the unethical standards in child labour the worse working conditions must be analysed in order to see who is in charge and what are the possibilities in order to stop these conditions. Africa, Congo: Special report: inside the Congo cobalt mines that exploit children: sky news and who is behind this? […]

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A Big Issue of Child Labour

“Children have their whole lives to work a job; they have only a few years to be a child.” Imagine being taken from your family and being put in harsh conditions, no food, no education, no childhood. Over 200 million children are engaged in child labour. Worldwide, approximately 22,000 children are killed at work every […]

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Overlooking Child Labour

Sugar, carpets, and shoes are some of the products often overlooked. It is proven that human beings are working vigorously in a hazardous environment to produce these products. What makes this unethical is that kids are working in these dangerous settings. This is called child labour and it is inimical to children all around the […]

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