Essay on Chemical Reaction

Balloon: Carbon Dioxide and Chemical Reaction

There are many different ingredients in a kitchen that causes a chemical reaction Mth baking soda. This experiment was designed to test 4 kitchen ingredients(Omega oil, water, lemon Juice, and vinegar) mixed with baking soda, to see which one will cause a balloon to expand. It was hypothesized that baking soda mixed with lemon Vice […]

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Properties of Gases Essay Example

The purpose of this lab was to investigate and discover the physical and chemical properties of some gases. Throughout this lab the ability to identify If and when gasses were present was enhanced. Data Observations During the first step of this lab, when obtaining the hydrogen from the mossy zinc and the hydrochloric acid, It […]

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Oxidation Reduction Lab and Physical

College Chemistry 1 Lab 16 Oxidation Reduction Lab 16 Introduction: I will learn about redo reactions. Materials and Methods: I placed ten drops of each substance into different wells. Then I took Magnesium and put it in the first one. I put Zinc into the second one. I placed lead into the third and fourth […]

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Chemical Reaction and General College Chemistry

Phenolphthalein is another acid-base indicator. What color do you observe? (General College Chemistry, 2014, up. 17-18). G. HCI and phenolphthalein. What color do you observe? When reacting phenolphthalein with an acid what color change do you expect? What color change do you expect with a base? (General College Chemistry, 2014, up. 17-18). H. Noah and […]

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A detailed study on Enzymes chemical reactions

Enzymes were discovered by a German chemist Eduard Buchner near the terminal of the nineteenth century. He had been seeking to pull out a fluid for medicative usage from barm, nevertheless, the barm infusion kept traveling bad. He so decided to add sugar to the barm, nevertheless, the barm converted the sugar into intoxicant, which […]

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Chemical Reaction Report

To identify the chemical changes 2. To observe the effect of temperature of a chemical reaction. Theoritical basic : A chemical reaction is a process that leads to the transformation of one set of chemical substances to another. Classically, chemical reactions encompass changes that strictly involve the motion of electrons in the forming and breaking […]

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Order of reaction

The reaction rate of a chemical reaction is determined as the change in the concentration of a reactant or product over the change in time. [1] The rate of a reaction is determined by experiment. Many factors influence the rate of a reaction: the nature of the reaction, concentration, pressure, temperature, and surface area, presence […]

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