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Retail Buyer Behaviour

Debenhams operates 97 stores throughout the UK and Ireland, with seven international franchise stores. Debenhams has followed a stragtegy based on organic growth investigating heavily in modernising and expanding its store portfolio. Debenhams wants to have 106 domestic market stores by the end of 2006. The company has changed its product mix and positioning, putting […]

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The A Coach And Four Through The

The principle of caveat emptor is a doctrine that was dominant in the English legal system pre-19th century. Its literal translation means ‘let the buyer beware. ‘ The common law maxim is as the translation suggests, that the courts will not offer any protection for consumers who have entered into a contract which is a […]

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How to be a wise buyer

In any industry there are two parties. The consumer and the marketer. The Consumer is the 1 who is willing to purchase merchandises. where the Seller is the party willing to Sell merchandises. The two parties are really different and some times differences may originate between the two. The undermentioned paragraphs will explicate A. What […]

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Which Helps Enable An Oligopoly To Form Within A Market?

1. Introduction Market is a particular products and services to be exchanged between a significant group of buyer and sellers for a price for market benefit. There are mainly two types of market. 1. Perfect or Pure Competition Market 2. Imperfect Competition Market a) Monopoly Market b) Oligopoly Market c) Monopolistic market d) Duopoly market […]

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Six Blocks To Utility On The Buyer Utility Map

Blocks to Customer Utility There are six blocks to utility on the buyer utility map. The first lever that is mentioned on the buyer utility map is customer productivity. This lever can increase the customers’ productivity by helping to do things faster, better, or in different ways. It tells how the customers’ productivity is affected […]

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Caveat Emptor –

Introduction The term “CAVEAT EMPTOR” indicates let ‘buyer bewares. ‘ This rule used to generally apply to all sales, especially between individuals. It gives the buyer full responsibility for determining the quality of the goods in question. The seller generally has no duty to offer warranties or to disclose defects in the goods. However, as […]

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Selling Today

Consider that you are selling a line of toys that, because they are made overseas where labor costs are far lower, can be sold using a low-price strategy. If a buyer raises a price-based objection, what would you say to convince him that your price is appropriate? Price objections are one of the biggest obstacles […]

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