Essay on Burma

Boxing Day Tsunami

The Indian plate actually slipped under the Burma plate because of a fault line. Location: The Epicentre of the original earthquake was located in the Indian Ocean near Banda Acen in North Indonesia. Countries Affected: The Countries that were severely affected by the Tsunami were Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Thailand and East Africa. Fatalities: Country| […]

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Aung San Suu Kyi 3

Everyone knows that Burma is in a mess. A nation once called the Golden Land in tribute to its giant gem pits has sold them off to the Chinese in return for guns and tanks. Thousands of miles of ancient hardwood forest have been torn down and replanted with opium fields. The once lush rice […]

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Short Review of “Shooting an Elephant”

George Orwell’s short story “Shooting an Elephant,” is set in Burma during the British rule. The narrator is a white policeman who is forced to shoot an elephant that has gone rogue and is destroying crops and buildings and has killed one person. He gathers his guns and sets off in the direction of the […]

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My Least Favorite Relative

My least favorite relative is my aunt. When I lived in Burma I used to be good friends with my cousin. We used to hang out during the school time. I liked her but I didn’t like her mother. They are rich people and they discriminate against the poor people. In the beginning we liked […]

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