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Advice: Banners Broker HYIP Ponzi Scam Victims Should Not Stay Silent

If you have invested into the Banners Broker Ponzi scheme and have lost your money you should act at all cost and report them to your local police as well as the financial services authority in your country. There is really no need to be ashamed or something. Why is it so important? Read this […]

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Forex Broker Introduces Crypto Accounts

Following a thorough analysis of the latest market developments, FXOpen introduced a new Crypto account. FXOpen is a reputable Forex brokerage company operating since 2003. The company has expanded its footprint in the global markets as a retail broker and an innovator of Forex-related services and technologies. Triggered by the shift to crypto currency trading, […]

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Liar’s Poker

arMary Petritz Real Estate Seminar November 10, 2011 Liar’s Poker Liar’s Poker, by Michael Lewis, is a book that thoroughly looks into the author’s life as a broker on Wall Street working for Salomon Brothers, the most profitable firm in the 1980’s. Michael Lewis graduated from The London School of Economics and decided to take […]

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