Essay on British Army

Ww1 Notes – College

Core Study: WW1 1914-1919 War on the Western Front Reasons for the stalemate on the Western Front Expectations * Each major power believed war would be swiftly won-“over by Christmas” * Poets such as Rupert Brooke romanticised war as noble, romantic and character building * Duty and patriotism were key features in 1914 The Schlieffen […]

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Battle of Bemis Heights

Grandfather was a much younger man, he was fortunate enough to be part off very famous battle in the Revolutionary War. In fact many people say that It was one of the turning points of the war. He had the honor of serving under two of the greatest generals in the American Continental Army, General […]

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Values and Standards of the British Army

Standards and discipline in the army essay. Our Values and Standards are essential to the British Army, they define what the British soldier Is. They are more than Just words, we must all believe In them and live by them. I expect you to behave and conduct yourselves to the highest standards at all times. […]

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Battle for Dunkirk

1. How useful are Sources A, B and C in understanding what the Battle for Dunkirk was like? Explain your answer. [10]Source A depicts an amalgamation of scenes from the evacuation of the Dunkirk beaches. In the background, great plumes of black smoke billow from the town; these were so huge that contemporary sources claim […]

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