Essay on Brand Equity

Comparative Brand Equity of Hutch and Airtel Cell Phone Delhi

A SUMMER TRAINING REPORT ON “Comparative Brand Equity of Hutch and Airtel Cell phone (Delhi)” [pic] SUBMITTED IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENT OF BACHELOR OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (BBA) PREFACE This dissertation presentation is a Part of the course curriculum of the MBA. We learn theoretical Concept in the classroom, this dissertation Program give us […]

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Line Extensions

This paper will illuminate several components for adding a line extension and discuss the Ross and cons of taking these risks. There are two theories to explore the effects of brand extension. They are Categorization theory and Brand extension Failure Theory. Brand extension literature supports and disputes its line extension success. In conclusion, my paper […]

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Excessive Sales Promotion and Brand Equity

A marketing report: Does excessive sales promotion result in dilution of brand equity? Group 4 Amandeep Singh Gandhi Chetna Kirtan Acharya Murthy BBTGS Ravish Malik Sirish CP Vivek Singh Contents What is sales promotion? Why is it required? Decisions involved in sales promotion Types of sales promotion Sales promotion to be used at different stages […]

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Brand Equity of Maggi

The first noticeable change in the fact that top management itself is now in the habit of paying close attention to their brands. In the beginning, brands were considered as a mere communications issue, then the sole prerogative of the marketing managers, nowadays; CEOs themselves consider brands to be their responsibility. A former CEO of […]

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