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Message in a bottle Narrative

It moved so fast, and I just loved to be with my parents. But something happened out there. The boat kept moving faster and faster, and I did not notice it before I saw the cliff right in front of us. I looked scared at my dad, and I could just see in his eyes, […]

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The metal container industry had changed inconsiderably since Connelly took over Crown’s reins in 1957. American National had just been acquired by France’s state-owned Eyepiece International, making it the world’s largest beverage can producer. Continental Can, another long-standing rival, was now owned by Peter Swell Sons, a privately held construction firm. In 1989, all, or […]

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Pasteur Pipette and Pouring Ring

The Principal St Anthony’s College Shillong Sl. no| Description of Goods| Brand & Code. | QUANTITY| Price/each| TOTAL AMOUNT| 1| Glass pipette, capacity: 1 ml| Borosil-70060P01| 1| 105. 00| 1800/-| 2| Glass pipette, capacity:2ml| Borosil7060P02| 20| 116. 00| 2320/-| 3 | Glass pipette, capacity:5ml| Borosil7060P05| 8| 128. 00| 1024/-| 4| Glass pipette, capacity:10ml| Borosil7060P06| 8| […]

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Paradox Glass & Bottle Company

Paradox Glass & Bottle Company employs more than 600 people at its regional manufacturing plant. The company is structured functionally, with manufacturing, design and engineering, finance, marketing, and human resources (HR) departments. Paradox’s HR department is staffed by eight employees working in the areas of recruitment and development, payroll and condition, and industrial relations. The […]

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Porter Five Forces

Regarding the industry structure of the concentrate producers, the Porter’s five forces varied in each category: Industry Rivalry, suppliers, buyers, substitutes, and potential entrants. Of the five forces, competition is the highest weight between Pepsi and Coca-Cola. Industry Rivalry. •Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola claim nearly 75% of the U. S. carbonated soft drinks marker sales volume […]

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Pestel Analysis Analysis

There are many factors in macro-environment that will affect the decisions of managers in any organization. Tax changes, new laws, trade barriers, demographic change and government policy changes are all examples of macro change. Managers can analyses these factors through the Pestel analysis. Pestel Analysis is one of the tools that often used by managers to […]

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