Essay on Border

Comm – College

Our rough sketches never seemed to end and after weeks of pondering thoughts, collaborating art work – creating color schemes, searching for the perfect font, the perfect border line pictures – we created a small spark that helped us start our website. The spark ignited with new and better ideas, we finally knew where we […]

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Never Give Up Cultural Identity

In the short story “Borders” by Thomas King, a mother who resides in a native community refuses to declare herself as American or Canadian at a border crossing and has some conflicts between herself and the border guards. The mother has pride in her culture and values where she comes from. She never gives up […]

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Balthazar’s Marvelous Afternoon

Marquez’s story about a poor carpenter and his magnificent birdcage has been the object of much critique and the presumed underlying connotations of this fable-like tale have been subjected to such detailed scrutiny as to border on the absurd. When reading stories of this caliber, we are faced with two possible ways of assessing them. […]

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Literature Review of Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange exposure is very crucial now a days as cross border trade is increasing day byway at a very fast pace. But it is also regarded as very complex. There is a dearth of good literature on this subject, especially in India. Some of the studies identified in this area areas follow; Bengt Pramborg, […]

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Borders between countries should be banned

From the beginning of human history people have been moved from place to another searching for new place for life. Now days, border between countries have been controlled. However, There are a lot of debate in media and journals about, should border between countries opened or not? It is an important question because it concerns […]

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