Essay on Bollywood

Exploration to the History of Bollywood Dance

An Exploration to the History of Bollywood Dance In 2008, the movie “Slum dog Millionaire” inspired a new dance craze, quickly spreading across the globe. Due to the movies, popular hit song, “Jai Ho” and the famous choreographed dance shown in a memorable performance during the closing credits of the film, known as Bollywood dance, […]

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Mira Nair describes ‘Monsoon Wedding’ as “a Bollywood movie, made on my own terms”

Mira Nair was originally Indian, but moved to America to go to university, which explains the influence of both cultures that is shown in the film. There are themes in the film that are traditional, but there are also more modern themes that show the western influence on Nair. For example, themes of love and […]

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‘Monsoon Wedding’

‘Monsoon Wedding’ is based on the Punjabi culture, with both traditional and modern customs entwined together. ‘Bollywood’ is the term used to describe the Indian film industry, the largest in the world. However, Mira Nair has produced this Bollywood film with her own terms. She has dealt with the traditional Indian arranged marriage, but also […]

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Brand Placement in Bollywood Movies

Make the Consumers acquire Sensitized towards the Trade names by the Brand Placement in Bollywood Movies? Abstraction The pattern of merchandise arrangement is seen everyplace in media across the universe and is now omnipresent. The same pattern of Product arrangement in Bollywood is non new and the pattern of puting the merchandises in the Bollywood […]

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Mango Frooti Survey

Which is your favorite Mango Drink? a) Maaza b) Slice c) Frooti d) Other Q2. How frequently you have a Mango Drink? a) Daily b) 2-4 times a week c) 5-6 times a week d) Occasionally Q3. In which packaging do you prefer a mango drink? ( either Maaza, Slice or Frooti) a) Glass Bottle […]

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Slumdog Millionaireconclusion

Have you ever asked yourself how long will love be? Will it be forever or just a few months, years? Have you ever believed in true love which can survive through hardship, selfish and so on? Have you ever persisted in loving even though love is based on poor condition? No matter whether you have […]

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Tvshow’s Tagline Project

TAG LINES TAG LINES A tagline is a slogan which succinctly, memorably, and descriptively sums up a company or product. The art of crafting a tagline is quite complex, and several consulting companies actually specialize in creating taglines for their clients. A well constructed tagline can endure in the minds of consumers for years; some taglines have actually outlived their products. […]

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Bollywood Versus Hollywood

BOLLYWOOD MOVIES AREMORE POPULAR THAN HOLLYWOOD MOVIES The Purpose of this paper is to try to make a case and possibly a conclusion on the popularity of the above captioned movie industries. DEFINITIONS: Bollywood is defined and generally accepted to be the name given to the Mumbai based Hindi language film industry in India (www. […]

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Indian Parallel Cinema

While Indian Cinema known as Bollywood was thriving in the 1950s, the film industry also saw the emergence of a new Parallel Cinema movement. A group of film-makers broke with the past traditions and made exciting, experimental and innovating films (Gupta 11). Indian Parallel Cinema is a specific genre of Indian cinema which is known […]

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History of Bollywood

The industry of motion picture has gained an undeniable significance to people’s lives and the society in general. This is because film business has evolved from an unassuming yet straightforward beginning around the world until it has reached its current relevant status. In fact, it is natural for countries to have respective movie industry hence […]

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