Essay on Boat Racing

Chariot Racing

The Circus or Hippodrome was an ancient Roman arena used to hold chariot racing. The Circus Maximus was the main stadium in Rome in which Chariot Races were held. Its shape is of an oblong track, with a central ‘rib’, which would have been decorated with statues, trophies and had seven movable eggs with seven […]

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Microcosm of Stephen Crane’s “The Open Boat”

“The Open Boat” is a dramatic short story based on Stephen Crane’s own real-life experience, when a ship he was sailing on to Cuba sank in high seas off the coast of Florida. The story opens with four men fighting for their lives in a lifeboat in stormy seas. The men remained in the small […]

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Algebraic Vectors

MCV4U0Vector ApplicationsName:__________________ Date:______________ 1. A ship sailing on the open sea leaves Port A for Port B at a bearing of N25oW. A wind of 6 km/h on a bearing of N10oE blows the ship off course. If the ship is capable of 35 km/h in still water, find the new speed and direction relative […]

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