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The Bankchain Discovery Summit

Today, itBit organizes a private gathering of financial industry professionals, “Bankchain Discovery Summit”. It is an all- day, invite only event and will be held at one of the Convene locations of the city, a meeting space operating in both New York and Washington, DC. Most of the expected attendees are from the major banks, […]

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Bitquest: The Bitcoin Based Minecraft Server

Bitquest: The Bitcoin Based Minecraft Server When it comes to video games, most people seem to take an exception to cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. For quite some time now, there has been a lot of talk about integrating bitcoin with video game economies. The advent of bitcoin in the gaming community excites the members and […]

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Bittrex Removed 36 Digital Coins

Bitcoin exchange Bittrex informed its users that it has removed three dozen cryptocurrencies from its platform on Sunday. Bittrex also pointed out that they have flagged and warned these wallets for around 30 days. So, no exceptions will be made for funds remaining during execution. The digital coins subject to this decision are not very […]

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BitGold To Go Public On The TSX

Gold and bitcoin start-up BitGold announced it will public, backed by Sprott Inc. BitGold, a gold and bitcoin start-up based in Toronto, is going public after a reverse merger with Loma Vista Capital, a mineral exploration company. BitGold informed that it will keep its name but all trading on the Canadian National Stock Exchange will […]

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CTB Locker – New Ransomware In Town

CTB Locker: The new virus in town Antivirus software such as McAfee and Symantec have recently been baffled by the new virus that is hitting the computers. With spam campaigns that would require you to pay through bitcoin, this ransomware is a new sight for a lot of computer-users who are easily fooled by the […]

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Netagio Launching Its Trading API

Netagio, the first British Bitcoin, gold & Sterling exchange, today announced the launch of its Application Programming Interface (API). Institutional investors can now programme their Execution Management Systems (EMS) and Order Management Systems (OMS) and fully automate their trading on the exchange. The API will provide brokers/dealers with easier and faster electronic market connectivity, allowing […]

Read more Launches PlugChain API, a crypto currency exchange, and, Bitcoin mining pool, has launched a brand new venture. They are offering an open API for making Bitcoin applications. With this news has officially joined the fast-moving competition to launch a comprehensive API for the leading digital currency’s network. This positions them against strong and noteworthy competitors […]

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A Bounty To Chase A Blackmailer

When the man known as “The Bitcoin Jesus” got hacked, he did not go straight to the police. He just tapped the power of bitcoin. Last week, Roger Ver–an American-born ex-pat living in Japan who’s long been at the heart of the worldwide bitcoin community–was contacted by a hacker who had seized control of his […]

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500Startups Welcomes 5 New Bitcoin Firms

Early stage startup accelerator and investor, 500 Startups, has announced its latest batch of firms accepted to its program. Among the 29 firms, five bitcoin related companies have made the list of startups heading out to Mountain View for the accelerator. The five firms are Coinalytics, GogoCoin, Neuroware, Monetsu, and Bonafide. The accepted firms will […]

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PBOC Soften – Bitcoin Prices Recovered

People Bank of China Position Mr. Zhou, Governor of the PBOC and speaking at a conference in Boao, Hainan, said “it is out of the question of banning Bitcoin as it is not started by central banks.” His statement is significant. Stories about China banning Bitcoin have been floating around for the past month, but […]

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