Essay on Benchmark


People of other religious backgrounds have different ideas of just about everything that Christianity says. As a Christian, one should choose to believe in everything the bible tells them, as well as most of the things proven by God and science today, in order to have true faith. Other religions, such as Buddhism and Hinduism […]

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Benchmarking in Business

Benchmarking in Business Many benchmarking professionals believe that the most important type of benchmarking is business process benchmarking. Business process benchmarking is based on the concept of 5w2h which was developed by Alan Robinson. It is labeled as such because the business benchmarking process should result in the answers to seven questions. Five of those […]

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Hollywood and Porter Diamond Model

Hollywood is the biggest film industry in the world and for over six decades it has been a benchmark in film making and entertainment marketing in the world. Number of reasons has contributed to Hollywood success over the years, to highlight them this paper will categorize them as per porter diamond model. Factor Conditions – […]

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1. SWOT Analysis Strengths IBM’s core strength lies in its System/360 and System/370 mainframe series. These mainframes have become the industry’s benchmark that competitors try to match. Moreover, IBM’s high-priced lease strategy, supported by excellent customer support, enhances the company’s fortunes. Over the years, IBM’s excellent service, along with a successful sales team has given […]

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