Essay on Ben jonson

Roles of Ben Jonson and Robert Herrick in Poetry

Based on our study of Ben Jonson and Robert Herrick, one can find many representative characteristics of early seventeenth century poetry, featuring neoclassical ideas and a touch of prerenaissance ideas. These include the moral stance of poetry and a clear, direct “everyman” approach to communication. One will also find much homage to classical themes such […]

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Compare the ways the poets present their personalities in any four poems

The four poems I have chosen are Kid by Simon Armitage, Havisham by Carol Ann Duffy, The Laboratory by Robert Browning and On My First Born Sonne by Ben Jonson. Each of these poems are very different, the most obvious difference being the different ages they were written in. But they all have one major […]

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On My First Sonne, Ben Jonson and Mid-Term Break, Seamus Heaney

It has been said that having a child is the greatest gift in the World; therefore losing a child must be devastating. Both of the above poems describe the tragedy of a young child dying. In the poem ‘On My First Sonne’ The author Ben Jonson speaks about the death of his son, at the […]

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Mother, any distance

Simon Armitage, author of ‘Mother any distance’ has written a poem on the pain of moving home and suffering of leaving your parents, from a child’s point of view. This is similar to the poem, ‘On my first Sonne’ written by Ben Jonson where his child has already left him as the child has sadly […]

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