Essay on Battle Of The Somme

General Haig and the battle of the somme

1. The message that the cartoonist and the headliner are trying to give is that the British army with its big fist is stopping Germany dead in its tracks and hitting it right on the nose. The expression on the mans face is shocked and bewildered. The cartoonist has drawn a face of the Kaiser […]

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Why is The Battle of the Somme regarded as such a great military tragedy

The first battle of the Somme was a planned, British offensive against German positions, lead by Field Marshell Sir Douglas Haig. The military objective for the conflict was to relieve pressure on the beleaguered French forces, caught up in a war of attrition with the Germans, which were close to breaking point at Verdun. In […]

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Haig And The Battle Of The Somme

Source D is a still from the TV series ‘Blackadder goes forth’ it shows 2 officers discussing an imminent attack on the Germans. This was written years and years after the war. Source E is a cartoon from a British magazine published in February 1917 at the time of the war, so automatically you know […]

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The Battle Of The Somme 1916

The Battle of the Somme was launched 1st July 1916 and has become infamous for its supposed futility. It was originally planned as a French offensive but the commander of the British Expeditionary Force (BEF), General Sir Douglas Haig, soon took it on, he planned and orchestrated the battle but his tactics are still controversial […]

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Why is the battle of the Somme considered such a great military tragedy

Up until world war one Britain had played little part in any major battles or conflicts. It wasn’t until occurrences at the Somme that the British population became aware of the realities of war and it was for this reason that some people still consider it the greatest military disaster known to man. The initial […]

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Lions Led By Donkeys Analysis

How accurate is the statement ‘Lions led by donkeys’ in relation to British Soldiers and Generals of the First World War? In the First World War, more men died than in any other war before. Some people say this was because the generals, like General Haig were ‘donkeys’ who wasted the lives of their brave […]

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