Essay on Antagonist

Drugs – Agonist and Antagonist

Depress nerves in skeletal muscles Cause erratic and unpredictable behavior Slurred speech May lead to pneumonia Respiratory failure Liver damage Treats anxiety Insomnia Depression Illegal for recreational used Cocaine Agonies at dopamine receptors Irritability Paranoia Restlessness Anxiety Increasing sense of alertness Elevated mood Can caused a heart attack Stroke Lung damage Kidney failure Impaired ejaculation […]

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The Road

Prometheus, a Titan in ancient Greek mythology, stole the fire from Zeus, the ruler of all Gods, and gave it to humanity, even when Zeus strictly told him not to. As punishment, Prometheus is bound to a rock. Every day, an eagle swoops in to eat his liver, but Prometheus does not die. His liver […]

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The Circuit

The novel “The Circuit” began in El Rancho Blanco, Mexico, then continues to California. They travel many places in California because they have come to the United States illegally. The characters are Papa, Mama, Roberto, Panchito, Trampita, Ruben, and Rorra. The basic situation is: the family has always wanted to move to California thinking that […]

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Stylistic Analysis “Up the Down Staircase”

«Up the Down Staircase» The text under analysis is a fragment from the novel «Up the Down Staircase», written by Bel Kaufman, an outstanding American writer. She worked as a teacher of the English language and literature in a New York high school for many years. She is best-known for her novel «Up the Down […]

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The Life & Crimes of Harry Lavender and the Hard Way

Distinctive voices are created in texts through the use of the protagonists, antagonists and setting. Contemporary composers manipulate characteristics of texts to portray its distinctive voice. This is evident in Marele Day’s novel the Life and Crimes of Harry Lavender, by the giving the protagonist Claudia Valentine – a hard boiled detective, the antagonist Harry […]

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