Essay on Ancient Olympic Games

What is an Equestrian?

Equestrian is a sport that attracts interest from all over the world and from all ages. Young boys and girls dream of having a pony and riding it and athletes of the sport can provide a wonderful sight when racing. There are many forms of the game and also very interesting facts to learn. Horses […]

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Modern Pentathlon Scoring System

The Pentathlon was first played in Ancient Greece. It was again revived in the modern times with the Olympic Games. The pentathlon was again brought back however in two formats. Pierre de Coubertin, the father of Modern Olympics, invented the modern pentathlon. For new entrants, the modern pentathlon scoring can be quite confusing. Each event […]

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Different Types Of Pentathlon Events

The pentathlon is a contest which is an amalgamation of five different events. The name has been derived from Greek language – ‘pente’ which means five and ‘athlon’ which means competition. Pentathlon is a contest where multiple athletic events such as target shooting, fencing, equestrian skills, swimming and cross country running are played. These events […]

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