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Across the Universe – Pop Culture/American History

Across the Universe, released September 2007, for the most part takes place in New York during the 1960’s and touches on the youth culture in America at the time. The movie revolves around many central characters all inspired by songs by The Beatles. Jude (“Hey Jude”), Max (“Maxwell Silver Hammer”), Lucy (“Lucy in the Sky […]

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An American History Atlas

Source A is a map of America taken form ‘An American History Atlas’ written in 1968 by Martin Gilbert. The map is useful in a way that it shows us where prohibition spread to in America. Its shows us ‘territory in which the sale of alcohol was forbidden in 1845′,’states with local prohibition in 1845’ […]

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Popular American History 1968-1974

Current Events from 1968 to 1974 This is an account of the “current” U. S. events between the years 1968 and 1974. Since the book Jaws was written in 1975, these historical occurrences should serve as a background for what was happening in the years leading up to the book’s publication. These occurrences were no […]

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American History 1492-1800

Below is a summary of a nursing study. Read the summary and then answer the factual questions that follow: Singleton investigated the behaviors of nursing students in crisis or emergency situations. She was interested in comparing the behaviors of students from baccalaureate versus diploma programs to determine the adequacy of the preparation given to students […]

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