Essay on Airbus

Airbus Industrie

Table of Contents 1. 0Executive Summary3 2. 0Introduction – Company Background4 2. 1 Corporate Mission5 3. 0Industry Structure6 4. 0PEST Analysis10 5. 0Internal and External Analysis12 5. 1 SWOT Analysis12 6. 0Core Competencies and Competitive Advantage14 7. 0Strategy Recommendations16 8. 0Potential Fallout18 9. 0Conclusion19 10. 0Works Cited20 1. 0Executive Summary The aircraft industry is on […]

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Aviation – largest industry

Aviation today is arguably the world’s largest industry and one of the safest modes of transport. This is a far cry from the days of 1945. The days when only prop liners were around, and air travel was only for those who could actually afford it. From Comets to Airbus A330’s. From Stratocruisers to Boeing […]

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Worst Ceo: Noel Forgeard, Airbus

In 2006, the Airbus A380 came under fire due to manufacturing issues that lead to an almost two-year delivery delay . The Airbus CEO, Noel Forgeard’s overly ambitious plan, poor product management, breach of public information responsibility, and insider trading, make him my choice of worst CEO. Nicola Clark and Katrin Bennhold emphasized that a […]

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Airbus Analysis

The goal of the following report is to provide a detailed analysis of Airbus using the following analytical tools: PESTEL, Stakeholder, SWOT, Porters Five Forces, VRINE, and Porters model of competitive advantage. In this report I will describe how each analysis supports the decisions of Airbus and helps identify any problems or issues facing Airbus […]

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