Essay on Air Pollution

Essay Air Pollution

Air Pollution is addition of harmful substances to the atmosphere resulting in damage to the environment, human health, and quality of life. One of many forms of pollution, air pollution occurs inside homes, schools, and offices; in cities; across continents; and even globally. Air pollution makes people sick, it causes breathing problems and promotes cancer, […]

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Cement Lifecycle Review

Life Cycle Review of Cement and Concrete Manufacturing Table of Contents Introduction3 Concrete Overview3 Life Cycle Stages4 Portland Cement4 Raw Material Extraction5 Crushing Process5 Kiln Processing6 Clinker Cooling and Storage7 Clinker Grinding7 Packaging and Shipping7 Concrete Processing8 Recycling and Landfill8 Environmental Considerations Throughout Life Stages9 Inputs: Consumption9 Outputs: Waste10 Air Quality and Pollution11 Land Quality […]

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Mitigation Strategies and Solutions

Final Project Atmospheric pollution is a serious problem that the United States faces each day, the problem is growing worse every year because of the millions of drivers on the road and the industrial factories going up around the world. The pollutants in the air are causing the ozone to get thinner and thinner, global […]

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Air Pollution and Identity Card Number

Bismillahirohmanirahim, first of all I give thanks to God because of the presence of grace and blessings I could complete the course work successfully. Here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my lecturers, Mr. Carl Martin Albert for guiding me in carrying out this tasks. I would also like to thank my […]

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Air Pollution and Automobiles

The cars that we travel in mundane play a critical function in our lives. They get us around from one topographic point to another on a day-to-day footing. The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ( EPA 2010 ) many surveies show that exhaust emanations from these vehicles are the figure one air pollutant in the […]

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Mining: Air Pollution and Twin Lake

1.IntroductionIn our current world, negotiation happens every day, everywhere and with everybody. It is a complex social process which already becomes part and parcel of our society. It occurs in profit or non profit organizations, government sectors, dealing among nations and also in our personal situations such as salary package, house purchase, marriage, divorce and […]

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Air pollution, human health and PM-2.5 standards

Air pollution is a serious problem for everyone, particularly the presence of PM-2.5 in the air that people breathe everyday. The knowledge and understanding of humans about this particular air pollution aspect began “in 1971 with the coinage of the term “total suspended particulate (TSP) (Sattler, Lipscomb, 2002, p. 138).”

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