Essay on Adam

Mercantilism and Adam Smith

During the 18th and 16th centuries European countries believed in the ideal of mercantilism, the idea that a nation’s existence depended on power, and power depended on wealth. The fundamental focus of mercantilism was on the self interest of the state. In order to accumulate the vast wealth needed to run a state, protect government […]

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Biblical Perspectives on Conflict Management and Peacemaking

OUTLINE I. Introduction II. Basic Conflict Concepts III. Peacemaking IV. The Author’s Life Lessons BIBLICAL PERSPECTIVES ON CONFLICT MANAGEMENT AND PEACEMAKING Introduction As descendants of Adam and Eve, one has a few realities to grapple with. This reality is based in the fact that one has a sin nature. Sin is present and influences everyday […]

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John Adam Walsh

Over the years, the society has done its best to curb the ever rising rate of child murder and homicide. Different campaigns and programs have been created to put an end to such gruesome cases committed to innocent children. Despite of these efforts however, statistics show that child murder and homicide figures continue to take […]

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